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    Investigation on anti - evasion of aluminum foil in China

    Time:2016-06-29 18:32 author:admin View:

    June 1, 2016, the applicant filed on April 18, 2015 application, according to the Council of the European Union on the protection of EU from non EC member countries dumping imports against the 1225/2009 Ordinance No., especially is the 13th paragraph (3) and 14 (5) section of the provisions, the European Union in its official gazette published the 2016/865, regulations for the implementation of, China started foil anti-dumping measures of anti evading investigation. The product is not backed aluminum foil rolling more than 10 kg of weight after coiling without further processing. Products involved in the customs code for ex76071119 and ex76071190. Stakeholders should to the regulations in force, (June 2, 2016) from within 15 days of the European Commission to ask for questionnaire survey and in force until the play 37 days to submit written statements, investigation questionnaire and other information.
    In September 24, 2009, the EU officially began to impose anti-dumping duties on aluminum foil originating from China, Brazil and Armenia. On December 17, 2015, the EU's aluminum foil anti-dumping final review made affirmative final, and to continue to levy anti-dumping duties on the products involved.