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    Aluminum foil industry definition and classification

    Time:2016-06-29 18:34 author:admin View:

    Aluminum foil as a raw material for industrial manufacturing, products are mainly used in packaging and protection, living supplies, construction and so on. The initial development of Langfang Hebei in the building is the common application of many types of industrial construction should be in accordance with the "auxiliary building materials application types and basic requirements" of the provisions. Production began in 1932, the successful test of aluminum foil paper is a new type of industrial materials. Will be more to replace a single material, widely used in a variety of flexible packaging. With the development of economy, China will become the world's leading packaging market. Aluminum foil packaging development prospects are very wide.
    Aluminum foil industry definition
    According to the analysis of Yu Bo Zhiye Market Center issued on the 2010-2015 years Chinese aluminum foil paper industry market in-depth assessment and investment planning research report, the aluminum foil paper by aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil laminating adhesive and paper. Soft and easy to change, such as paper, and no rebound after deformation. Can be qualitative, to ensure that shading, not falling, not light, no pollution, the price is cheap.
    Aluminum foil industry classification
    There are many kinds of aluminum foil classification method, according to the thickness of the aluminum foil, shape, state or material can be classified.
    According to the thickness of aluminum foil can be divided into thick foil, single and double zero foil.
    Thick foil: foil with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.2mm.
    Single zero foil: foil with a thickness of 0.01mm and less than 0.1mm/.
    Double zero foil: the so-called double zero foil is in its thickness of mm as the unit of measurement when the decimal point after the two zeros of the foil, usually less than 0.0075mm thickness of aluminum foil. In English expression, thick foil called "gaugefoil'heavy", a single zero foil called "gaugefoil medium", double zero foil called "lightgaugefoil'". Foreign sometimes less than 40ltm thickness of aluminum foil is called light gauge foil, and the thickness of aluminum foil >40btm referred to as heavy gaugefoil. Aluminum foil can be divided into the shape of foil and foil.
    Most of the deep processing of aluminum foil wool rolls in supply, only a few occasions with handicraft packaging sheet of aluminum foil.
    Aluminum foil can be divided into hard foil, semi hard foil and soft foil.
    The hard foil: after rolling without softening treatment (annealing) of aluminum foil, without degreasing treatment, the surface residual Shan bu. Therefore, the hard foil in printing, laminating, coating must be processed before processing, if used for forming process can be used directly.
    Hardness (or strength) of aluminum foil between hard and soft foil, usually used in the forming process.
    Soft foil: after full annealing and softening of the aluminum foil, soft material, the surface
    No residual oil. At present, most of the application areas, such as packaging, composite, electrical materials, etc., are using the soft foil.
    According to the surface state of aluminum foil can be divided into a light aluminum foil and aluminum foil is smooth on both sides.
    1. A light aluminum foil: aluminium foil double rolling and coiling a bright, surface black hair, such a foil said into a light aluminum foil. The thickness of a light aluminum foil is usually not more than o.025mm.
    Aluminum foil is smooth on both sides (2): single rolled aluminum foil, drawing and roll contact, aluminum foil on both sides by roll surface roughness of different and is divided into a mirror surface light aluminum foil and ordinary two surface light aluminum foil. Two the thickness of the aluminum foil is generally not less than 0.01mm.
    According to the state and the aluminum foil can be divided into plain foil, embossed foil, foil, foil, color composite coating of aluminum foil and aluminum foil printing.
    The foil rolling without any other machining of aluminum foil or foil. Embossing foil surface is pressed on the various patterns of aluminum foil.
    Composite foil: the aluminum foil and paper, plastic film, cardboard laminating in the formation of composite aluminum foil.
    The foil coating: coated on the surface of all kinds of resin or varnish aluminum foil. The color: aluminum foil is coated on the surface of a single color aluminum foil.
    The aluminum foil printing: by printing on the surface form a variety of patterns, patterns, words or pictures of the aluminum foil, can be a kind of color, the most up to 12 kinds of color. The soft aluminum foil can be further suppressed into four zero foil used for high-grade decoration.