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    Air conditioning foil classification

    Time:2016-06-29 18:35 author:admin View:

    Air conditioning foil because of its use of different performance, mainly divided into aluminum foil and hydrophilic coating of aluminum foil two categories.
    Plain aluminum foil refers to the rolling annealing, the surface of the aluminum foil without any treatment, mainly used for low grade split air conditioner outdoor machine and window;
    Hydrophilic coating aluminum foil refers to the aluminum foil coating on the corrosion protection coating and hydrophilic coating of aluminum foil deep processing products. Hydrophilic coating aluminum foil surface has a strong hydrophilic, in the use of air conditioning, can optimize the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger, so that the heat exchange rate increased by 5%. In addition, the hydrophilic coating aluminum foil also has anti-corrosion, anti fungal, no odor, and other advantages, mainly used in high-end and export air conditioning.