• Sylvia Gorajek

4 videos your company definitely needs if you want to stay relevant and scale

A whopping 80% of businesses report improved conversion rates with the help of video marketing. In fact, video storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing techniques to put your brand out there and boost your sales. As video production may be a bit sophisticated, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the most common effective types of video marketing.

Below, I'm listing out the types of videos that will make it easier for your future customers to find you, get them excited about your offerings and help build customer loyalty – all while making the work of your sales team all that much simpler!

Promotional videos

A set of quality, engaging promotional videos is a must-have for every business dabbing into video storytelling. Promotional videos are fantastic at building awareness and excitement – whether it’s about a new brand or the shiny new range of services or products you’re about to launch.

An engaging branding video is a great way to build associations and emotions with the brand. You can portray your business as a reputable and trusted company by showcasing your initiatives, or show the ‘heart’ behind the corporate entity with video content about your company culture. The goal of the quality branding video is to build an association, e.g. between your brand and the notion of exclusivity or luxury.

Promotional videos are also very effective for highlighting product features or offering a solution to your customers’ pain points. Product videos focus on the features and benefits of the items you’re showcasing and can demonstrate various uses. To make your promotional video content all that more effective, combine it with animation: it provides extra visual and emotional stimulation that’ll make your customers fall in love with your brand.

Educational videos

The goal of educational videos is to present your brand as a trusted authority in your niche. In turn, this helps you gain a new audience and strengthen the loyalty of your existing customer base. The more educational videos you release, the higher the chances your brand will be recognized as an industry leader.

What’s more, educational videos offer your business fantastic SEO benefits: as people are more inclined to watch a video rather than read an article, video storytelling drives more traffic to your website. Educational videos, in particular, encourage people to spend more time on your website or engaging with your brand - the more they ‘dwell’ there, the higher you SEO ranking becomes.

The goal of educational videos is to present your brand as a trusted authority in your niche.

Other types of educational videos may include industry tips and hacks. These not only highlight your diverse expertise and position you as an expert in your field, but instil trust in your audience: your brand is not only someone who knows how to navigate the different avenues in the industry but also actively shares its knowledge with its customers.

Video storytelling allows for much more efficient and faster absorption of information, which is what makes How to videos so incredibly popular. This also aids your brand in establishing itself as an authority and a trusted source of information in your niche. How to videos can offer your customers insights on anything from starting and running a successful business to using keywords to maximize SEO.

Consider also adding value to your educational videos by producing webinars. These are high-value video productions with generally low cost since they require no fancy setting or actors. You can host Q&A sessions with your customers to portray your brand as the leading authority in your niche, or showcase your excellent product range with product demos with customers.

To maximize your educational videos’ efficiency, turn them into mini series. Interview series are a particularly popular subset: consider hosting a series of online interviews with influencers and experts discussing industry matters. This type of video content provides value to your audience as they can educate themselves, gain extra perspective on the things they’re passionate about and feel like they’re better equipped to make informed decisions.

Lastly, the key to mastering the educational video is keeping the branding to a minimum.

Success stories

Success stories will bring your video storytelling strategy up a notch, compelling even the most hesitant customers to try your offerings out.

Video testimonials with clients or partners can do wonders for the public’s perception of your business. A recent study by Vendasta showed that 68% of consumers tend to trust a local business more after seeing a couple of positive reviews or success stories. If you’re already in business, it’s likely that you have amassed a number of quotable testimonials from your clients. Highlight those with a series of quality video testimonials.

68% of consumers tend to trust a local business more after seeing a couple of positive reviews or success stories.

If you’re hosting events, consider also investing in event videos. These are the most tangible ‘success stories’ your business has at its disposal: they directly demonstrate your influence on the community, as well as showcase your leadership and expertise. Additionally, event videos will bring the party to anyone who couldn’t make it to the physical location, thus extending your reach.

Instructional videos & Video tutorials

The purpose of instructional or explainer videos is just that: explain something. These can be particularly helpful if you tend to receive the same questions about how a product works from your customers. People tend to prefer step-by-step instructional videos over a written list of steps to take so they’re certain to appreciate your video marketing efforts.

Use instructional videos to help your customers understand your processes, products features or add context. Training videos minimize the need of explaining the same things to your client base over and over again: just create a quality, engaging video, entertaining and informing your customers from the comfort of their homes.

Master these four types of effective video marketing to transform your sales funnel and help your brand become the next big thing out there!